Just Another Patent…

patentDocmagnet Inc. is proud to announce that their application for a patent that fully acknowledges their exciting development of “Variable Field Technology”(VFT) was granted by the USPTO last month (# 8,907,754). Further applications are in process for other parts of the world (Europe and Asia).

Ordinarily, the depth of the magnetic field from a magnetic holding device varies according to its inherent pole design and magneto motive force (MMF). Indeed, most producers of magnetic chucks and lifters will offer  two or  (sometimes) three different models, each offering different field depth performance. Variable Field Technology allows the user to select the type of magnetic field appropriate to the application typically determined  by the geometric dimensions of the workpiece or load without having to change the pole design.  This technology is the latest advancement to Permanent Electro Magnetic Workholding and Handling devices and further maintains Docmagnet’s position as the irrefutable leader in the field!  Further and more technical information can be provided upon request.