Commercial Warehouse Safety: Stock Storage and Moving

Warehouses can be as dangerous as they are useful places for any business that needs a designated storage space for merchandise, parts, and materials. Employee accidents and injuries are common occurrences when working with heavy forklifts that are constantly on the move, or palettes carrying bulky loads. Hence, the need for each warehouse to develop their own set of custom safety rules and regulations, on top of the legal standards and requirements in the industry they work in. Here are a few of the most effective safety measures to avoid risks and hazards specific to warehouses around the country.

Safety On The Move – Why Use The DocMagnet Products?

  • Because we are your number one go-to solution for magnetic workholding, as well as magnetic material handling products.
  • We can provide you with a full range of products and solutions that will cater your every need, ranging from 25lbs to 100,000lbs. You will eliminate the need to use chains or slings. Instead, you can rely on our top magnetic lifters, as they are the safest and most efficient transportation method for steel items.
  • The less moving utensils you will have lying around your warehouse, the safer the environment will become. You will do a better job at preventing accidental falls because of tripping hazards found in most warehouses. Since slips and falls are some of the most common accidents in warehouses, the cleaner the environment, the safer your employees.
  • Installing guard railings where there are large gaps between floors is also highly advisable.
  • According to data from OSHA reports, up to two workers are crushed to death in warehouses on a monthly basis. Employees need to be trained on any equipment with augers or on press machines. Machines and trucks should be exclusively moved in the loading docks.
  • Heavy supplies and materials should be handled with professional DocMagnet solutions.

Professional Lock Systems For Warehouses

Experts like the guys at specialize in the entire range of locksmithing services for commercial customers, but they also handle all types of residential and automotive locksmith tasks. They can easily assess, install, re-key, or service all known types of locks.

Electronic or digiautorized locksmithstal locks that eliminate the need to use metallic keys are usually preferred by warehouse managers. They enable smoother access control. Supervisors and warehouse managers will know at all times the exact time an employee has entered and exited the warehouse or its premises. Burglars will be deterred at the sight of complex lock mechanisms such as electronic locks that require bluetooth systems, codes, or fingerprint recognition to unlock a door.

Supervision cameras and alarm systems are also highly advisable when it comes to warehouse security and protection. Authorized locksmiths like the guys at detroit locksmith offer 24/7 emergency lockout services, as well as installation, maintenance, re-key, and repair for commercial types of locks, as well as security systems.

They can restrict access to highly sensitive areas and rooms around a warehouse by fitting complex locks.