Magnetic Casino Gambling ID Cards

Casinos and gaming facilities in general need to keep a constant flow of players/visitors. They also need to rely on a secure system that can keep their in-house finances safe. One of the best ways of boosting casino security is by using a magnetic ID card. A VIP ID card with color codes is an indicator of players’ membership. But there are also reward and cash cards, as well as ID cards for employees. If you are interested in giving your land casino a fresh look and add more convenience and safety to the process, you’ve reached the right spot. DocMagnet is an excellent solution for magnetic material handling products as well as workholding.

We handle anything from 25lbs to 100,000lbs and we provide a complete selection of products and custom solutions that will cater to your every material handling need. You will not have to use any chains or slings to get the job done. Our special magnetic lifters are the best transportation method when it comes to steel. But our workholding applications can also be put to good use if you need help with different types of items. For example, if you need ID cards printed for your brick-and-mortar casino, and other types of magnet-based casino applications.

Why Do You Need Magnetic ID Cards?

These cards can help you effectively and thoroughly identify all persons present at your venue. When your employees are using their employee ID badges as well as photo ID software, you will get to keep a closer eye on their attendance. You can also successfully limit unauthorized access to high security areas for the personnel who is not allowed to go there. Intelligent cards can also be used to enable limit and temporary access at pre-determined times for some of your employees.

Given the fact that the gambling industry is one where huge volumes of cash is handled on a regular, daily basis, casinaustralia-casino.orgos need to continuously increase their security levels. Witht he help of VIP membership ID cards, you can track the access of your regular, recurring players and most frequent visitors. This should help you improve your reward attendance system as well, especially when it comes to loyal players. Whenever a player swipes their magnetic stripe ID card, your employees can effectively track and record the frequency of your entries.

Casinos can rely on cash cards and significantly cut the risks of theft. However, the most secure method for them is to have their customers play online casino games at Casinos using the help of payment ID cards instead of the regular casino chips gamblers are used to, managers can keep better track of their winnings and losses. They can also enable customers to come and go whenever they please. A casino will know exactly hw long has a certain patron played a game, how much did they won or lost, which are the games they enjoy playing the most, and the list goes on. With the help of magnetic stripe ID cards used when playing casino card or slot games, players have the chance to receive discounts. They can use their discounts to pay for their hotel rooms, shows, and even restaurant meals.

These are excellent incentives that should make players come back for more. You can even consider setting up a special reward system for players owning membership loyalty cards. As for ID badges, they can be used for registering one’s membership in a gaming tour. Players can be granted deals and promos, while their gaming activities can be more closely monitored.

Online Casino Rewards

Players who like to play play roulette online games here at and other similar gambling venues, like bCasino, on the web can also take advantage of a number of special offers, discounts, and promotions. And it all starts with them registering their new player account and receiving the welcome bonus match for their first, second, and sometimes even third deposits. The loyalty prizes, comp point system, and other bonus rewards for high-stake players are equally appealing to new and long-term players alike.

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