Just Another Patent…

Docmagnet Inc. is proud to announce that their application for a patent that fully acknowledges their exciting development of “Variable Field Technology”(VFT) was granted by the USPTO last month (# 8,907,754). Further applications are in process for other parts of the world (Europe and Asia). Ordinarily, the depth of the magnetic field from a magnetic holding […]

DocMagnet teams up with The Caldwell Group

DocMagnet teams up with The Caldwell Group to create the best magnetic sheet lifter yet – the VX Lift. Though originally designed for the Multi-flux milling chuck, DocMagnet’s patented Variable Field Technology has been adapted for material handling applications. A common problem among steel handlers and fabricators is figuring out the most efficient way to pick up sheets of steel from a stack. Right […]

Success at IMTS!

DocMagnet’s trip to Chicago for the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS 2012) proved to be a major success, headlined by the premiere of their new product, the Multi-Flux Milling Magnet. Many passersby stopped to check out the demonstrations of their brand-new chuck, using a ferromagnetic fluid, which truly brought magnetism to life. The magnet (as […]

DocMagnet Enters IMTS Video Contest

Docmagnet has submitted a shortened version of their video “Everybody Loves Magnets” renamed “Got Magnets?” to IMTS for the 60 second video contest.  The voting ends on 8/27/12.  Help DocMagnet win the contest! Please cast your vote for Got Magnets by clicking on the link below! 60 Second Contest Update: DocMagnet won the IMTS 60-second […]

New Product Premier

DocMagnet, designers and manufactures of switchable magnets will be premiering their NEW Permanent-Electro Magnetic Chuck specifically engineered for hard milling applications (DMMC-HM). Due to the development of a new magnetic material, there are no rare-earth magnets, facilitating a demagnetizing capability making it easier to remove hardened steel workpieces from the chuck surface.  Each chuck has […]

Permeability Lab Opens

DocMagnet Inc.,has opened their Materials Permeability Lab to test ferromagnetic materials for magnetic susceptibility.  The ability of a magnet to hold on to a material is completely reliant on the permeability.  This permeability can vary significantly across alloys due to treatment method and chemical composition. Are you curious as to whether your material can be […]

DocMagnet Expansion Continues

DocMagnet has grown again and relocated to a larger facility to improve production capabilities and increase office space for new employees.  Due to the planned diversification into new product lines, this relocation will improve customer support, increase the production of magnetic lifting and workholding products as well as off the shelf warehousing. The new address […]

Re-certification service for ALL makes of Magnetic Lifters

DocMagnet has launched their new in-house facility for testing all makes of Permanent Lifting Magnet.  The service provides for a full check on critical product functions, pull tests, label replacement and the provision of a conformance certificate all in accordance with ASME B30-20 standards. The base cost for the service is just $70.00 per lifter (up […]

New Magnetic Lifter Boasts Even More Features!

The latest and most unique feature is the ability to partially de-gauss the load material, making release easier and leaving less residual magnetism in (magnetically) hard materials. Traditionally, (manually operated) permanent magnetic lifters generate an external magnetic force through the rotation of a central rotor.  The orientation of the internal magnets will determine whether the magnetic flux […]