Magnetic Casino Gambling ID Cards

Casinos and gaming facilities in general need to keep a constant flow of players/visitors. They also need to rely on a secure system that can keep their in-house finances safe. One of the best ways of boosting casino security is by using a magnetic ID card. A VIP ID card with color codes is an […]

Safe Transportation Tips For Steel Products

Working with steel plates and bars requires a great deal of attention and care. The safe manipulation of steel building materials triggers the use of unique ways of handling, storing, and transporting these items. Pipes, flat plates, and bars are just a few examples of the type of steel products construction companies need to manipulate […]

Commercial Warehouse Safety: Stock Storage and Moving

Warehouses can be as dangerous as they are useful places for any business that needs a designated storage space for merchandise, parts, and materials. Employee accidents and injuries are common occurrences when working with heavy forklifts that are constantly on the move, or palettes carrying bulky loads. Hence, the need for each warehouse to develop […]

Magnetic Chucks – How To Support The Magnetic Materials Sector

Financially speaking, the employment of certain specific tools in the industrial processing helps reducing times of procedure and to reduce even costs. Actually, magnetic chucks (or workholders) are very smart devices that hold ferro-metallic materials during processing phases. Normally, magnetic chucks include a magnet whose thickness and size may vary a lot, considering the employment […]

8 Advantages of Magnetic Workholding

So many choices! One would think that having so many choices would be a benefit of living in these times, but when it comes down to making a final decision, the overabundance of options can often be a hurdle in itself. Whether it’s choosing which car to buy, or even which movie to watch, you try to weigh the pros […]

Just Another Patent…

Docmagnet Inc. is proud to announce that their application for a patent that fully acknowledges their exciting development of “Variable Field Technology”(VFT) was granted by the USPTO last month (# 8,907,754). Further applications are in process for other parts of the world (Europe and Asia). Ordinarily, the depth of the magnetic field from a magnetic holding […]

Why is Workholding Always Put on the Back Burner?

Post written by: Ed Kroliczak, Director of Sales I was at a customer site recently showing off our newest magnetic workholding chuck for milling, the Multi-Flux system. The operator and production engineer were impressed by the new magnet and its features, and we began to discuss the different ways their company tries to improve production, […]

Magnetic Fixture Design and Cost Considerations

A magnetic chuck is nothing more than an assembly of steel and magnetic materials used for creating a force. This brief paper will help to illuminate some design aspects of magnetic chucks and how they relate to the cost. There are three primary classes of magnetic chucks: permanent magnetic chucks (manually actuated), electromagnetic chucks, and […]

DocMagnet teams up with The Caldwell Group

DocMagnet teams up with The Caldwell Group to create the best magnetic sheet lifter yet – the VX Lift. Though originally designed for the Multi-flux milling chuck, DocMagnet’s patented Variable Field Technology has been adapted for material handling applications. A common problem among steel handlers and fabricators is figuring out the most efficient way to pick up sheets of steel from a stack. Right […]

Using a Magnetic Chuck to Mill a Round Bar Square

Workpiece Material: Hot rolled 8620 Steel Raw Workpiece Size: 5”diameter x 20” long Magnetic Chuck:  DM-MC-70SP-0406 (16 x 24”) Top Tooling: DM-MC-BP70-5 BACK Parallel Milling a round bar square on a magnet may seem daunting to the uninitiated, but as the following data shows, if managed with the right top tooling, is quicker and more […]