Just Another Patent…

Docmagnet Inc. is proud to announce that their application for a patent that fully acknowledges their exciting development of “Variable Field Technology”(VFT) was granted by the USPTO last month (# 8,907,754). Further applications are in process for other parts of the world (Europe and Asia). Ordinarily, the depth of the magnetic field from a magnetic holding […]

Success at IMTS!

DocMagnet’s trip to Chicago for the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS 2012) proved to be a major success, headlined by the premiere of their new product, the Multi-Flux Milling Magnet. Many passersby stopped to check out the demonstrations of their brand-new chuck, using a ferromagnetic fluid, which truly brought magnetism to life. The magnet (as […]

DocMagnet Enters IMTS Video Contest

Docmagnet has submitted a shortened version of their video “Everybody Loves Magnets” renamed “Got Magnets?” to IMTS for the 60 second video contest.  The voting ends on 8/27/12.  Help DocMagnet win the contest! Please cast your vote for Got Magnets by clicking on the link below! 60 Second Contest Update: DocMagnet won the IMTS 60-second […]