Magnets for Automation

Magnetic End Effectors for Automation

DocMagnet has developed a product line for the fast conveying of ferromagnetic parts (by robotics in automation).  These electronically switchable magnetic end effectors are not only powerful but also utilize Permanent-Electro technology, making the units fail safe in the event of a power loss.  The Pick and Place magnets for automation boast the following features:

  • Lightweight to maximize end-of-arm capacity
  • Special Coil Configurations for fast switching with minimum dwell times
  • Soft Pole Shoes contoured to provide the easiest access to the part
  • No moving internal parts to wear and tear providing many years of maintenance free use.
  • The system easily integrates into the robotic controller.
  • Operates on voltages from 110V to 480V.
  • Quick magnetize and demagnetize cycles at around 1/3 of a second.

Quite often, people shy away from using magnetic end effectors (end-of-arm tooling) because they are under the impression that the work piece will become partially magnetized after handling. DocMagnet engineers have solved that problem and introduce three different lines of our Pick n’ Place line to suit your automation needs.

The three different models we offer in our end effector line accommodate all types of applications.

The R-Series is the most economical line offering a low field magnetic height which is ideal for plates and thin sheets.

The N-Series & D-Series are constructed with a common design and are capable of handling both round and flat work pieces.

  • The N-Series is powered with a second set of Neodymium magnets allowing for more magnetic force in a smaller unit.
  • The D-series offers a demagnetization cycle which is ideal for hard steels and where a tight tolerance on residual Gauss is required.

For a more detailed description of the different models and their specifications please visit their individual product pages.

DocMagnet engineers are happy to discuss which model would best suit your application. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Watch this video of our Pick n’ Place Magnet doing work at IMTS!




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