Pick n’ Place D-Series

Pick n' Place D-Series
The D-Series magnet for automation silences all skeptics. When confronted with the issue of residual Gauss on the work piece, DocMagnet has the solution. This line of the Pick n’ Place model completes a de-Gaussing cycle in less than a second, leaving less than 20 residual Gauss in the part. Not only does this line provide a demagnetization cycle, but it is also extremely versatile. It can clamp both round and flats. The angle on the pole is cut to the customer specification depending on the diameter of rounds you wish to hold. Typically it will handle a range of 5″ in diameter. If you’re buying it primarily for flat work pieces, a standard angle can be cut in the poles to suit the most common size diameters.The model number is based on the maximum clamping force of the unit in pounds. The Pick n’ Place line is rated for a 5:1 safety factor for automation in order to account for acceleration forces. See below for detailed specifications for each model.

DocMagnet Pick and Place Magnet 250-D
DocMagnet Pick and Place Magnet 500-D
DocMagnet Pick and Place Magnet 750-D
DocMagnet Pick and Place Magnet 1500-D
DocMagnet Pick and Place Magnet 3000-D
Pick n' Place D-Series Magnets

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