Pick n’ Place N-Series

Pick n' Place N-Series
The N-Series offers the most power in the smallest amount of space. It is constructed with a bi-polar design which can handle both round and flat work pieces. Round work pieces are clamped on the tangent of the angled pole. The angle is only cut once the user has specified the desired range of diameters, so each module is customized to the user’s needs. One angle can accommodate a range of about 5″ on diameter. However, there are still flats on the poles that allow for the manipulation of flat pieces as well. DocMagnet’s Pick n’ Place N-Series for automation should be the go-to product when searching for the most versatile end of arm tooling for your robot!The model number is based on the maximum clamping force of the unit in pounds. The Pick n’ Place line is rated for a 5:1 safety factor for automation in order to account for acceleration forces. See below for detailed specifications for each model.

DocMagnet Pick and Place Magnet 500-N
DocMagnet Pick and Place Magnet 1000-N
DocMagnet Pick and Place Magnet 1500-N
DocMagnet Pick and Place Magnet 3000-N
DocMagnet Pick and Place Magnet 6000-N
Pick n' Place N-Series Magnets

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