Pick n’ Place R-Series

Pick n' Place R-Series
The R-Series of the Pick n’ Place line for automation is designed primarily for the handling of thin plates and sheets, and is the most economical option. With its round pole design, the R-Series has a very small magnetic flux height thus being able to generate maximum holding power on thin work pieces. The PNP-R-100 is able to pick up single sheets as thin as 14 gauge while still maintaining a 100 LB clamp force and the PNP-R-1500 LB maintains the 1500 LB clamp force with plates as thin as 1/2″! These automation magnets also offer our signature demagnetization cycle which removes any magnetism that the magnet put into the work piece.The model number is based on the maximum clamping force of the unit in pounds. The Pick n’ Place line is rated for a 5:1 safety factor for automation in order to account for acceleration forces. See below for detailed specifications for each model.

DocMagnet Pick and Place Magnet R-100
DocMagnet Pick and Place Magnet R-300
DocMagnet Pick and Place Magnet R-1200
DocMagnet Pick and Place Magnet R-1500

Pick n' Place R-Series Magnets

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