Heavy Lifting Magnets

Like all of DocMagnet’s products, their heavy lifting line uses permanent-electromagnetic
technology. The controller is powered by a single phase of a 480V AC source and uses
electricity only to turn the units on and off.

The heavy lifting line comprises of 4 different model types. Each model is specifically
designed and engineered to be suitable for a particular type of load. One of the biggest
factors in determining which model is best suited for the application is the minimum
thickness that needs to be lifted. Each model type requires a minimum thickness of the
load it is lifting. If the load does not meet the minimum thickness requirement, the lifter
will not perform at full capacity and if workpieces are stacked on top of one another, it
could potentially lift up two pieces at once creating an unsafe working environment.

Furthermore, from the VX model to the HX model, the lifters increase in their magnetomotive
force (MMF). MMF is the driving power behind all magnets; the greater the MMF in
this situation, the better the lifter performs through an air gap. Therefore, as loads get
more irregular or uneven, the greater MMF allows for consistent performance despite
irregularities in the workpiece.

Below are the 4 different model types in the heavy lifting line:

  •  VX Lift – ideal for thin plates with a minimum thickness of 3/16”
  •  TX Lift – ideal for plates with a minimum thickness of 7/16”
  •  QX Lift – ideal for heavy plates with a minimum thickness of 1”
  •  HX Lift- Ideal for slabs and billets with a minimum thickness of 2″

Check out this video showing this Sheet and Plate Lifter from concept to completion: