VX Lift Sheet Lifter

VX Lift Sheet Lifter
The DocMagnet VX Lift Sheet Lifter is a versatile magnetic lifter best suited for the efficient conveying of an array of sizes and material thickness of both steel sheets as well as plates.

The VX Lift combines the power of the electro magnet with the safety of the permanent magnet. Referenced as Permanent-electro technology, the sheet lifter is magnetized or demagnetized by the touch of a button and only uses the power supply to complete either cycle. This magnetic material handling system is not dependent on electrical power once the magnet has been energized, requires no battery backup mechanism ensuring a fail-safe operation.

The VX Lift series is designed for below the hook operation on an overhead crane. The system uses either 220 or 480 Volts single phase (determined by the customer) to switch the magnetic modules on or off. The magnetic modules all incorporate our patented variable field technology and are set on a 5’ spread between the modules. These modules come in three standard sizes 500LB, 1000LB and 2000LB, the number and size of the modules utilized is determined by the application itself.

The lifter comes complete with a radio remote and has the option of zone control for the operation of up to 4 independent magnetic zones which enhances the flexibility of the lifter giving it the capability of lifting large sheets as well as smaller ones with the same lifter.

For additional information on variable field or permanent electro technology please see the product literature.


VX Lift Sheet Lifter Features:

  • Electrical power is only required when cycling from Magnetize to Demagnetize.
  • Cycle time is 1-3 seconds depending on the size of the system.
  • No battery back-up required
  • No heat is generated since the power is not constantly applied.
  • Variable magnetic power for the handling of thin sheets of steel.
  • Magnetic lifting provides the ability to lift plates without the use of dunnage.
  • Anti-Demag feature to prevent the demagnetize cycle during the lift.
  • All lifters are tested to 3 X the safe working load.
  • Permanent-Electro Technology requires no moving in the magnetic modules.



View the Literature: VX Lift Sheet Lifter

VX Lift Sheet Lifter

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