Permanent Lifting Magnets

This line of products has been discontinued. Please contact DocMagnet at 919-788-7999 for pricing and availability, as there are still a few left in stock. 
Designed for performance and longevity, DocMagnet’s Permanent Lifting Magnets are also very distinctive in style. Smaller is not always better and especially in relation to below the hook lifting. Our unique permanent lifters have a larger footprint than most other lifters on the market. Having this larger footprint makes it easier for the user to center the magnetic lifter onto the load which in turn is better for the overall balancing of the lift.These lifters employ the latest rare-earth magnets for unsurpassed power and performance. They are capable of lifting both flat and round work pieces safely and can be customized to suit a variety of applications.Three standard sizes are available in the following safe working loads — 500, 1000 and 2000 lb. — to best fit your light and heavy lifting needs.


Permanent Lifting Magnet Features:

  • a smooth lever action that rotates just 90° from “off” to “on” to make the switching process easy.
  • a test position that ensures that the load is within the safety parameters of the lifter.
  • a unique degauss feature which removes up to 60% more residual magnetism out of the load than traditional lifting magnets.
  • a large footprint which helps in centering and balancing the workload.
  • a lever locking system that permits single-hand operation allowing the operator to support the load properly.
  • beveled pole shoes to permit lifting of round bars.

Every lifting magnet is tested to exceed a 3-times safety factor (above industry standard), and must undergo a high reluctant air-gap test.

DocMagnet can design custom pole shoes to be fitted to the lifters for special applications. Also offered are attachments for load rotation, spreader beams, etc. Please do not hesitate to ask for further details.

DocMagnet has a test & calibration service for most manufacturers of lifting magnets for re-certification based on ASME B30-20 standards.


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Permanent Lifting Magnets

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