Quick Mold Change / Quick Die Change

Quick Mold Die Change
Designed for fast changeover of molds or dies for the plastics and stamping industries.

DocMagnet offers a system for both:QMC: Quick Mold Change Magnets
QDC: Quick Die Change Magnets

Quick Mold Change/Quick Die Change Magnet Features:

  • Permanent-Electro Magnetic: Failsafe clamping – electrical power is only required for the switching process only.
  • Full machine interlock capability: The safety interlocks are made to ensure that no operator is in the vicinity of the machine during the clamping process.
  • Fast Clamping: At the touch of a button the clamp process is less that 2 seconds per side
  • Flexibility: Practically no modification to the mold or die is necessary presuming that a steel base plate of greater than 5/8” thickness is present.

DocMagnet Engineers design the system around the machine platens to ensure maximum clamp force. They are not limited by pole design as with most other manufacturers.


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Quick Mold Die Change

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