Circular Permanent Magnetic Chucks

Circular Permanent Magnetic Chucks
DocMagnet’s Circular Permanent Magnetic Chucks are radially poled designed to provide powerful magnetic workholding, ideal for both clamping rings and conventional work- pieces. The magnet allows a completely even clamping force of up to 12-15 kg /cm sq. over the entire component.

The main body of the chuck is manufactured using (304) stainless steel, giving enhanced wear and durability even in the most arduous applications.

The all metal top plate maintains its accuracy and provides a stable work surface. The poles are individually welded to the Stainless body rings, which means the body and top plate of the chuck are essentially one solid piece.

The actuation mechanism of the chuck is manufactured from a hardened rack and pinion system. Simple rotation of the pinion shaft using the key provided engages the gear teeth and moves the magnetic grid inside the chuck to the on position and provides magnetic power to your component.

All the chucks are manufactured without mounting details. Once you have decided which size best’s suits your needs the mounting details are machined to your specification.

  • Radial Pole Design
  • Solid Steel Body Construction
  • Brass and Steel Top Plate
  • Through Bore
  • Variable Power
  • Balanced
  • 3-Year Warranty

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Circular Permanent Magnetic Chucks

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