Rectangular Permanent Magnetic Chucks

Rectangular Permanent Magnetic Chucks
The DocMagnet Permanent Rectangular Magnetic Chuck provides a revolutionary Universal fine pole pitch. These units were specifically designed to eliminate the need for buying two different two types of chuck, the standard pole and the fine pole pitch. Our universal pole pitch (4mm Steel + 2mm Brass) provides excellent workholding for both small or thin components as well as thicker or large work pieces.

The main body of the chuck is produced from one solid piece of steel, making the chuck extremely durable even in the most arduous applications. Each of the poles throughout the line is assembled and bonded on the top plate, essentially making it one solid piece which ensures great strength and rigidity, as well as providing reliable accuracy for the lifetime of the chuck. The design of the magnet is ideal for both grinding and EDM applications.

No electrical power is needed to magnetize to your component. Just effortless rotation of the actuation, using the key provided, is all that is required to turn the magnet on and off. The high power magnetic field is provided by the world highest performance rare earth magnets (Neodymium). All of our magnets are nickel plated which means the magnets are completely protected and cannot degrade in any way. This ensures maximum power is provided for the complete lifetime of the chuck.

All DocMagnet Permanent Magnetic Chucks are manufactured with solid clamp flanges and provided with our quality chuck clamps to mount your magnetic chuck to the machine table.

Each chuck is provided with durable steel side and end stops for component location and extra support where required.

  • Fine Pole Universal Design
  • Solid Steel Body Construction
  • Brass and Steel Top Plate
  • Super smooth easy actuation
  • Precision ground
  • Low Field Height, thus minimizing secondary erosion
  • Variable Holding force
  • Optional Demagnetizing capability
  • Totally sealed against the potential ingress of dielectric fluids.
  • Perfect for both grinding and EDM applications
  • Removable Handle
  • 3-year warranty


Permanent Magnetic Chuck specifications (click to enlarge):

rectangular permchuckspecs

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Rectangular Permanent Magnetic Chucks

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