Magnetic Grinding Chucks

Magnetic Grinding Chucks
When it comes to grinding, DocMagnet can choose the best Magnetic Grinding Chuck to suit your application. Due to having multiple and close magnetic paths with a very reduced flux short circuiting depth, our Magnetic Grinding Chucks have a very low magnetic field height, making them perfect for holding thin parts as well as large parts.
The steel-brass combination on the whole surface assures excellent stability over time and a better possibility for high tolerances.
The totally active surface maximizes the performance of the machine. Since it is possible to position the parts freely without stops and a larger production rate will be achieved.
The permanent-electro surface allows to activate-deactivate the chuck in just a few seconds. During the clamping phase, the electric power is excluded allowing to obtain the highest level of safety. Besides the energy saving, the chuck will maintain a cold condition with the related absence of dilations or deformations.
  • Fine pole or standard pole versions
  • Auto demagnetizing option
  • Any size chuck can be manufactured
  • Variable holding force
  • Permanent and permanent-electro magnetic technologies
  • All metal (steel & brass) surface
  • 3-year warranty


Magnetic Grinding Chuck Specifications:


View the PDF: Grinding System

Magnetic Grinding Chucks

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