Magnetic Lathe Chucks

Magnetic Lathe Chuck
Permanent-electro magnetic technology changed the manufacturing world’s view of using magnets for machining operations. These newer chucks were more powerful and the clamp forces generated were predictable and accurate. With this evolution, turning on a magnetic lathe chuck has become more accepted as the best way for presenting the whole workpiece to the machine tool.

Benefits of Lathe Chucks

  • A radial pole lathe chuck is the best way to uniformly clamp a ring without distorting it.
  • A radial pole lathe chuck provides best access for OD & ID and face machining on rings at the same time through the use of simple top tooling.
  • Clamp forces are predictable and can be compared with cutting forces to ensure safety. In the case of larger rings (say >12” diameter), often the forces generated can outperform conventional chucking.
  • The chucks can be hardwired through the machine spindle or power can be supplied through a removable quick disconnect cable.
  • Cycle times for magnetization/demagnetization takes less than 1-2 seconds depending on the model of the lathe chuck.
  • The pole surface is “all-steel” to provide better longevity and accuracy than with “resin” based systems.

Two standard chuck model designs are provided – the number of poles will vary with the application:

  • LC-XX-S is a single magnet system for the safe grinding and hard turning of magnetically difficult materials such as bearing steels. This lathe chuck has a demagnetization cycle.
  • LC-XX-D is double magnet system mainly utilized for heavy turning of softer materials.

DocMagnet has additional options for magnetic workholding on lathes:

  • Magnetic modules that can slide in and out on tee-slots
  • Tee-slotted magnetic chucks for ease of top-tooling positioning

DocMagnet Lathe Chucks are designed to suit the customer’s application. Turning applications warrant careful consideration due to having dynamic and variable factors. DocMagnet Engineers are on hand to review these specific application details and provide the right solution


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Magnetic Lathe Chuck

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