Multi-Flux Magnetic Milling Chuck

Multi Flux Magnetic Milling Chuck
The new Multi-Flux Magnetic Milling Chuck is a revolution in permanent-electromagnetic technology.This new permanent-electro magnetic system employs our patented Variable Field Technology, which allows the user to determine the magnetic flux height, field strength, and clamping force of the chuck. The unit also comes standard with a demagnetizing cycle which is extremely useful for the releasing of hardened steels.Initiated by a toggle switch on the hand pendant, the Multi-Flux Magnetic Milling Chuck has two modes of operation: Induced Pole and True Pole.

In the Induced Pole Mode, the magnetic area is available over the entire surface of the chuck which leads to greater balancing of the magnetic flux, less stray magnetism, and more uniform clamping force. At less than ½ inch, the magnetic flux height in this mode enables the system to handle smaller profiles, thinner parts and pocketing operations closer to the magnetic surface without magnetizing the tool or the use of top tooling.

In the True Pole Mode, the magnetic flux height is less than 3/4 of an inch into the part and the system switches to a true north and south pole configuration. The key benefit in this mode is the versatility of a variety of top tooling can now be utilized. One example of using top tooling in an application is the spring loaded self-shimming pole. When they are used in conjunction with three fixed poles, the self-shimming poles will conform to the shape of the workpiece, reducing vibration and allowing for greater clamping force.

The ease of switching between these two modes makes the Multi-Flux Magnet the ideal chuck for any application, from a small machining shop to a full production facility.

Multi-Flux Magnetic Milling Chuck Features:

  • All steel, flush surface
  • No protrusions, resin, or soft metals
  • De-magnetizing capability
  • Easier release of workpiece material
  • Less residual magnetism of hardened steels
  • Variable magnetic field strength
  • Variable magnetic field height
  • Failsafe technology, no moving parts, no heat generated
  • Machinable surface


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Multi Flux Magnetic Milling Chuck

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