Turn-Key Fixtures

Turn Key Fixtures
From production environments to single component manufacturing, DocMagnet provides completely customized fixtures that are simply extensions of the magnetic chuck. We combine the power, safety and reliability of Permanent-Electro magnetic chucks and mechanical tooling options for repeatable location and a quick load/unload operation. Our engineers will look at the application or entire production process to determine the type of chuck (radial pole, round pole, square pole, and long pole) that is best suited for your needs. We will design a customized top plate with various magnetic tooling options and locating devices so that when you receive the product, all you have to do is turn the key and start cutting chips!

The beauty of turn-key magnetic fixtures is the versatility. The magnetic chuck in conjunction with the top plate can be set up to machine a variety of parts including multiple operations depending on the application. Numerous top plates can be designed for the same magnetic chuck and the top plate locates onto the base or chuck with dowel pins for accurate repeatability, which ensures a quick change over or setup. All top plates are also fastened to the chuck with standard bolts.

Our goal at DocMagnet is to not simply provide a magnet and let the customer determine how it should be used but to provide a solution that will eradicate the need for producing extra parts on a small production run.

DocMagnet specializes in magnetics; however the company is thoroughly experienced with machining practices and a variety of material types as well. Utilizing all this knowledge, cutting forces can be accurately predicted, aiding us in determining how much magnetic force is necessary for the application. All of this equates to safe cutting parameters and performance guarantees which are just part of the package provided with a turn-key fixture.

Have a particular application in mind? Send your prints, drawings or models of the parts you want to hold and a DocMagnet engineer will start working on a magnetic solution today!

Turn Key Fixtures

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